SynerJy is the 4th generation window system from Norvik. SynerJy has always been about progression, taking complication out of the design and providing customers with a product that they wanted

Advantages of the SynerJy Profile System

  • SynerJy is the product that the market wanted. What makes it special is the single leg bead known as the ā€œJā€ bead. This ā€œJā€ bead has been engineered to fit into the window profile in one movement reducing the time to install.
  • These engineering advances do not mean that function has overcome form in SynerJy. The SynerJy system incorporates elegant sculptured edges, even the door profiles boast this contour ensuring the entire installation is consistent. The bead design positions the sightlines to be identical, yet another benefit to the installer.
  • The SynerJy Euro chamber system is flexible to provide you with choice, whatever the hardware used, SynerJy profile will allow it to fit correctly.
  • Speed is of the essence in the market, SynerJy profiles are extruded and pre-fitted with a lo-line gasket on both bead and profile. This cost-effective benefit is one less procedure to worry about at fabrication level.
  • SynerJy is specifically designed to accommodate a conservatory roof and can be installed with either Global or Shield roof systems. Even the trim packs have been co-ordinated from eaves beam cladding to rafter bottom caps to keep the design style in keeping with the original profile.