Since being established in 1979, Business Micros have concentrated their energies on developing market leading software for all levels of manufacturer.  In recent years the launch of their ground breaking software "Evolution" has seen them become the software house everyone wants to partner with.
Norvik New Build have done exactly that and have been partners with Business Micros for many years.  The Evolution software is utilised within our estimating and commercial departments for specifying and processing of all our enquiries, tenders and orders.
In 2014 Norvik New Build began to roll out EvoWeb to our customer base.  EvoWeb is internet based software that provides our customers with access to our system allowing them to price their own enquiries.  Not only does this system provide the customer with their costs but it also allows them to set a margin and produce professional looking quotes for their customers.  EvoWeb also allows the customer access to their orders in our system so they can keep track of what orders are placed and when they will be delivered.
For more information on EvoWeb please contact sales on 01226 340182 or