Heavy Duty Eaves Beam

For wider , stronger more exciting door projects

Homeowners can now buy much wider bi-fold doors that open up virtually the whole side of their conservatory to provide added space and flexible access to the garden. To ensure that these doors work effectively, we have developed a Heavy Duty Eaves Beam as part of our professionally engineered self supporting roof system that will support an opening of up to 5m* in width.

The heavy duty eaves beam with bolster design is:

  • Manufactured from aluminium with weather-resistant PVC-U claddings, available in a range of colours.
  • Designed for flexibility of use and ease of installation,available in a choice of two profile lengths.
  • The most cost-efficient support solution available,eliminating the need for expensive steel structures or the unnecessary expense of continuing the wide span support around all of the conservatory elevations, as frame height can be simply altered by 50mm on the remaining elevations to allow for the height of the Bolster (XBFDS1).