Global 600mm

Global 600 is the versatile low-pitch roof designed to perfectly match UK housing stock requirements.

Achieve a pitch as low as 2.5 degrees by using 35mm polycarbonate sheeting. Global600 is ideal for best practise installing, allowing you align glazing bars and mullions with its unique 600mm centres.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • 600mm centres to align mullions and glazing bars
  • Versatile panel packs to reduce wastage
  • Consistent sight lines

Advantages of a Global600 Roof System:

  • Global600 benefits from innovative engineering meaning that the install is quick and easy via internal fixing. There is no need to fit small nuts and bolts through drainage channels or clamber on top of half built roofs.
  • Global600 is purpose built to maximise your profitability and safety whilst minimising your installation time. The new starter bar guarantees not only provide a consistent finish but also perfect sight lines from any angle.
  • By moving the glazing centre of the starter bar, the conservatory can be glazed with complete 600mm panels without site trimming for a better looking finished product. Even the wall plate, an after thought in many other designs, has been custom designed to fasten along the guideline and through a channel on the side of the wall plate.
  • This ensures a quick and secure fit, but importantly means locating the end caps is an easy process. Norvik is second to none on quality and design even the Global600 cappings are woodgrain foiled onto an aluminum base to prevent heat warp during a hot summer.
  • It’s this kind of attention to detail that means once a Global600 roof is fitted it can be forgotten.